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  1. Pecan Logs - 6 oz.

    Pecan Logs - 6 oz.

    Soft nougat centers, dipped in our creamy caramel and rolled in fresh pecans makes these pecan logs irresistible. Available with either a caramel nougat or vanilla nougat center. Our pecan logs are made only with the finest of ingredients. Learn More
  2. Divinity - 10 oz.

    Divinity - 10 oz.

    This light, fluffy, melt in your mouth hand dipped candy is a tradition here at Aunt Mahalia's Candies. Hand dipped in our glass enclosed kitchens, this old fashion candy is still made the same way as it was 75 years ago. Available with or without pecans. Learn More
  3. Heavenly Fudge - 14 oz.

    Heavenly Fudge - 14 oz.

    Our creamy heavenly fudge is like no other you have ever had. Cooked in copper kettles and poured on marble slabs, just the way it was made when Aunt Mahalia's Candies started in 1939. Chocolate pecan, plain chocolate and peanut butter are delicious flavors we feature. Learn More
  4. Old Fashioned Stick Candy - 12 oz.

    Old Fashioned Stick Candy - 12 oz.

    Our old fashioned stick candy has been a tradition at Aunt Mahalia's from the beginning. 14 flavors in our distinctive jars brings back memories of Gatlinburg of yesterday. A terrific gift for people that remember Gatlinburg the way it used to be. Stick candy is very fragile & is easily broken in the jar; please order with this understanding. Learn More
  5. Pecan Nests - 12 oz.

    Pecan Nests - 12 oz.

    Our rich, creamy caramel nestled on a bed of fresh pecans is a signature candy of Aunt Mahalia's Candies. Handmade on our marble slabs in our glass enclosed kitchens, this is a delight you won't find anywhere else. Also available covered in rich milk chocolate. Learn More
  6. Homemade Peanut Brittle

    Homemade Peanut Brittle

    Spread thin on our cooling slabs, our peanut and pecan brittles are what we are most known for. Thin and crunchy, made with fresh peanuts and pecans, our brittles are not to be missed. Learn More
  7. Smoky Mountain Taffy Logs - 16 oz.

    Smoky Mountain Taffy Logs - 16 oz.

    Visitors to Gatlinburg have enjoyed our old fashioned Smoky Mountain Taffy for years. Soft, chewy taffy, made in a variety of popular flavors and packaged in our distinctive box with a scene of Gatlinburg makes for a great souvenir of the Great Smoky Mountains. Learn More

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