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  1. Deluxe Homemade Assortment

    Deluxe Homemade Assortment

    Our most popular box is a wonderful way to sample our fine homemade candies. Heavenly fudge, fluffy divinity, pecan nests, pecan puffs, pecan logs slices are just some of our delicious candies you will enjoy in this box. A perfect edible gift for any time of the year. Learn More
  2. Smoky Mountain Honey

    Smoky Mountain Honey

    Delicious Smoky Mountian wildflower honey is a local favorite. Gathered from the assorted wildflowers of the Smoky Mountains creates a distinctive honey flavor found no where else. Learn More
  3. Pecan Logs - 6 oz.

    Pecan Logs - 6 oz.

    Soft nougat centers, dipped in our creamy caramel and rolled in fresh pecans makes these pecan logs irresistible. Available with either a caramel nougat or vanilla nougat center. Our pecan logs are made only with the finest of ingredients. Learn More
  4. Smoky Mountain Taffy Logs - 16 oz.

    Smoky Mountain Taffy Logs - 16 oz.

    Visitors to Gatlinburg have enjoyed our old fashioned Smoky Mountain Taffy for years. Soft, chewy taffy, made in a variety of popular flavors and packaged in our distinctive box with a scene of Gatlinburg makes for a great souvenir of the Great Smoky Mountains. Learn More

  5. Sugar Free Taffy Asst. - 4 oz.

    Sugar Free Taffy Asst. - 4 oz.

    Chewy and delicious, our sugar free taffy is just like our Smoky Mountain Taffy without sugar. This assortment of 6 flavors provides a variety of tastes to enjoy. Learn More

  6. Tart Taffy - 10 oz.

    Tart Taffy - 10 oz.

    If you like taffy and tart flavors, you will love this combination. Learn More

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