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  1. Deluxe Homemade Assortment

    Deluxe Homemade Assortment

    Our most popular box is a wonderful way to sample our fine homemade candies. Heavenly fudge, fluffy divinity, pecan nests, pecan puffs, pecan logs slices are just some of our delicious candies you will enjoy in this box. A perfect edible gift for any time of the year. Learn More
  2. Heavenly Fudge - 14 oz.

    Heavenly Fudge - 14 oz.

    Our creamy heavenly fudge is like no other you have ever had. Cooked in copper kettles and poured on marble slabs, just the way it was made when Aunt Mahalia's Candies started in 1939. Chocolate pecan, plain chocolate and peanut butter are delicious flavors we feature. Learn More
  3. Caramel Apples

    Caramel Apples

    Large Granny Smith Apples all dipped in rich creamy caramel and topped with an assortment of toppings including fresh peanuts, rich dark chocolate, fresh pecans, M & M's, sprinkles, or white chocolate with oreos. Learn More
  4. Truffles


    Milk, Dark & White Chocolate, Raspberry, Chocolate, Irish Cream, Tiramisu, Coffee, Bears - $24.95 per pound Learn More
  5. Creams


    Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Orange, Raspberry, Maple - $22.95 per pound Learn More

  6. Bark


    Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with almonds $24.95 per pound or no nuts $19.95 per pound, Milk Pecan Bark $24.95 per pound, Peppermint, Oreo $19.95 per pound Learn More
  7. Caramels


    Milk or Dark with or without Sea salt - $23.95 per pound Learn More
  8. Bears


    Papa Bears, Milk or Dark Chocolate or Milk with Cashews - $24.95 per pound Learn More
  9. Cherry Cordials, Orange Peels, Orange Stixs, Toasted Coconut

    Cherry Cordials, Orange Peels, Orange Stixs, Toasted Coconut

    Milk, White or Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordials - $25.95 per pound, Dark Chocolate Orange Peels Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Orange Stixs , Milk Chocolate Toasted Coconut - $23.95 per pound Learn More
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